Patiently Waiting Interview at 93.7 the Beat with Memphis10

“Often times I don’t bring in groups but these two just reminds me of two great M.C’s from my hometown of Memphis, TN. I’m talking about 8-ball and MJG. They take pride in being “ole school” artist and their grind was impressive. They stopped through to sit down with me and jumped on the hot seat in this week’s 10 minutes with Memphis 10. Check them out.

In an industry where the “big conglomerates” market the next generations next superstar, there are many groups and artist that are taking their fate and career into their own hands. Some have been doing their craft for multiple years and have made good careers without the spotlight. Now the goal is almost always fame and stardom but for some artist, they manage to make careers while they wait. I call it patiently waiting.